MVP Lab doesn’t mean to integrate every feature of your final offer or its aesthetic, but to create a prototype that allows you to test, learn and validate the successive and most critical hypothesis for your project at time T.


our engagement :

Go from “I think” to “I know and I tested”. This program will help you to formalise, with efficiency, a pretotype that allows you to validate the equation between the considered solution and the needs of the potential users.


More specifically, the MVP Lab aims to help you answer the following questions :

  • What’s the market size targeted by my product/service?

  • What price are my customers willing to pay?

  • What are the minimum features to provide in order to convince my clients to buy my product/service?

  • How to reach out to my clients and what’s the acquisition cost?


Déroulement :



  • For who ?  Entrepreneurs from Wallonia, startup projects, SME, available 6 days (5 consecutive days + 1 day). 
  • Where ? Les Abattoirs de Mons
  • Whenne ? Next edition from August 29th to September 3rd + September 13th
  • How much ? 100€ for startups et 500€ for SME
  • With who ? 2 coaches-entrepreneurs well-versed in the lean methods, Ux designer, SEO/SEA expert, improvising in prototyping expert, CETIC (Centre of excellence in information and communication technologies)
  • Contact : Nathalie Guilmot,
  • REGISTRATION : sur eventbrite