Provide your school with a space dedicated to creative thinking which fits with the school reality ! Offer the future teachers an innovative learning environment that is connected to 21st century, as well as an educative space conducive to stimulate their creativity. The programs was born from a desire to nurture future teachers in creative methods.


our promise :

an intensive formation to creativity for the project team, subsidies to build a a tailor-made physical space and an specific support to help you set up your project.


Déroulement :



  • For who ? Haute Ecole pédagogique teachers, eager to set up new disruptive practices, open to the idea of change of school setting
  • When ? 5 intensive formation days + project launch at the end of the school year
  • How much ? Free for Hautes Ecoles pédagogiques (based on a call of selected projects). For other institutions of higher education : 6000€ for 2 formation days (on a basis of 15 participants).
  • Par qui ? Pedagogues, teachers and experts in creativity
  • Contact : Coralie Doyen,